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What really happened after Christoph’s foul…

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Shinji and Kevin got a 3 page spread about their love friendship in Kicker magazine, Did your ship get one? I didn’t think so.

seriously guys why so sweet

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Jürgen Klopp appreciation post

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grand tally of bvb injuries

mats hummels:

misaligned hip and groin, out indefinitely

kuba blaszczykowski:

thigh sprain, out for 4 weeks

ciro immobile:

hip trauma, indefinite separate training

oliver kirch:

muscle tear, out for 5 weeks

nuri sahin:

knee operation, out for 8 weeks

mitch langerak:

muscular problems; reduced exercise

lukasz piszczek:

muscle problems, reduced exercise

dong-wong ji:

torn muslce, out for at least 1 week

ilkay gündogan:

inflamed nerve, out for at least 3 weeks

marco reus:

partial ligament tear, out for 4 weeks

and champions league football hasn't even started yet.

My history book:

I survived 2 Marco's injuries.

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the only thing I'm sad about Kagawa leaving Man Utd is him leaving de Gea part 1




the first time that they met, it was love at first sight (back in man utd tour in valeranga)


back then Kagawa can’t speak english…so I have no idea how they communicated!


they take english classes together (both of them spotted around manchester hanging out hahaha (i stalked…



hahahaha kawaii!



Arsenal stars change the game #RainbowLaces (x)

Oh my God!!! Theo knows he looks like Hamilton!!

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